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Heart Beat Album: Heart Beat
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Track: 15. Pitchu Li / Effen Oyf — A Chant to Life4:21

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'Avo' vam, 'avo' vam, 'odeh yah.
Pitchu li sha'arey tsedek.
'Avo' vam, 'odeh.
Zeh hasha'ar.
'Avo' vam, 'odeh yah.

Zing a loyb tsu lebn, zing a loyb.
Effen oyf dem toyer fun yosher.
Tsuzammen zingt a loyb.
Effen oyf un gibt tsedakah.
Tsuzammen zingt a loyb
der veg fun freiheit.
Tsuzammen zingt a loyb.

From Psalm 188. "Open up the gates of justice, sing a song to life, give tsedakah (do good works, be generous) and walk the path of freedom."

Music by Linda Hirschhorn (© 2001)

Yiddish translation by Shulamis Friedman (Judith-Kate's mother)

Arranged by Linda Hirschhorn

Open lead written and sung by Alison Lewis

ISRC: US-CGH-05-75096

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© 2001 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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